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How can You Help Me?

How AutoLink.lookup Can Help You

If you're an etailer:

Sell More Products

Once integrated into your site for the first product line, our configurator will give you access to hundreds of product lines (and counting), all without having to re-do the one-time integration setup.

Increase Shopper Confidence

With our proprietary data and smooth, intuitive workflow, shoppers feel confident that the product(s) they're configuring will fit their vehicle. And that confidence means increased conversions through your cart.

Drastically Reduce Returns

The shopper's initial confidence will be rewarded when their order arrives, because the product(s) they ordered really will fit, and this means less returns for you (some early clients saw returns drop by as much as 40%).

Painless Integration

Our configurator can easily be integrated into any page on your site with just a few lines of JavaScript. When a shopper clicks the "Add to Cart" button, we'll post back all the data you'll need to add their product(s) to your cart.

Modern Responsive Design

Our configurator is 100% responsive, meaning that it's every bit as usable on a smartphone or a tablet as it is on a laptop or a desktop (unlike other configurators that use iframes that are unusable on mobile devices).

Highly Customizable Interface

Some configurator providers make you jump through hoops to change the way their configurator looks and feels on your website. Our configurator is easily customizable with style sheets that you host on your own server.

Cloud-Based Reliability

All components of our configurator (data, business logic, and presentation layer) are hosted in the cloud, so you can be confident that our service will be available to you, and, more importantly, to your shoppers, 24/7/365.

Leave the Data to Us

You didn't go into business to wrestle with vehicle application (or product) data, and with our configurator, you won't have to; we keep vehicle application (and product) data for all of our product lines clean and up-to-date for you.

If you're a manufacturer:

Turnkey Solution

Once your data is prepared for our system, adding new etailers is as easy as asking us to set them up. We'll work with your etailers to integrate the configurator into their site and provide tech support, so you don't have to.

Great Selling Tool

The AutoLink.lookup selling solution is also a great selling tool for your sales reps or distributors; because of its ease of integration and maintenance-free operation, it's easy to convince etailers to add your products, too.

Always Up-To-Date

Because we can add your latest product data so quickly, our presentation is always up-to-date. Many times, orders for a new product will start to roll in within just a few hours of your getting the data to us.

Drastically Reduce Returns

We take the time to get an in-depth understanding of your products and their unique fitment challenges to ensure that the product(s) the shopper adds to the cart will fit their vehicle application every single time.

Helps Control MAP Pricing

The etailer decides what prices they want to sell your products for, but all prices are stored in our database, and our system won't allow a retail price to be set below a product's MAP price (if one is set), and you set the MAP.

On-Point Messaging

Because we get all elements of the user interface (images, copy, features, etc.) from you, you are in control of your messaging and your brand image at all times, thus ensuring consistent quality on every channel.

Control Access

You decide who you want to do business with: if for any reason you don't wish to do business with a particular etailer, or you don't wish to continue doing business with them, just say so, and we'll remove their access.

Control the Cost

Since you control who has access to your sales presentation, you can control the cost of its usage. It becomes a small, manageable part of your sales and marketing budget. It can be a powerful tool to help build sales volume.

Features and Benefits

This means that your development time is kept to a minimum (and time is money). The only custom programming you may have to do is a receiver for our postbacks (this is also usually a simple job; all the receiver needs to do is accept a standard form post, parse the data it contains, and put the corresponding product(s) into your cart).
Every element of the configurator interface is inside a specific html container, so customizing it is as easy as creating your own styles and putting them in a standard style sheet on your own server. Change it whenever you like. We don't believe you should have to jump through hoops to get a configurator to reflect the look and feel of your site. And with ours, you don't.
This means that adding new product lines to your site is as easy as copying and pasting the setup code from one page to another, changing the brand and product line codes, and letting us know what prices you want to charge for the products in the new product line. The only requirement is that you be an authorized reseller of any product line you want to add.
Every effort was made to build an application that was as intuitive and easy to use on a phone as it is on a desktop. It's no longer optional that your site be usable on phones: purchases from smartphones equaled desktop purchases by mid-2015, and phones are now generating more sales than desktops, with 60% or more of purchases being made from a phone by the end of 2016.
Because of our proprietary data preparation and unique, intuitive workflow, by the time your shopper gets to the Add to Cart button, they are confident that the product(s) they've just configured are going to fit their vehicle to a "T". This means that they're far more likely to click that Add to Cart button and to follow through in the cart by completing their purchase.
Because we put so much time and effort into preparing our manufacturers' data, and because we take so much care to ask your shopper for only the most important information for any given product, we are 100% confident that the product(s) your shopper configured and ordered are the exact fit for their vehicle. This means that returns are practically non-existent.
This means that you don't have to worry about data; we get the latest data from our manufacturers, maintain it for you, and make new data available to you as soon as it's ready (in some cases, we've been told — by resellers and manufacturers — that orders for new products have started to come in within an hour or two of our releasing the data through the configurator).
Everything, from the data, to the business logic that powers the configuration workflow, to the images and responsive front-end code that your shoppers interact with, to the APIs that tie it all together, is hosted in the cloud. This means that outages are pretty much a thing of the past: if the internet is available, our configurator is available.

How it Works

  • Contact us (or ask your manufacturers' representative to contact us) and tell us you'd like to be on the configurator
  • If necessary, we'll contact the manufacturer and confirm that you're an authorized reseller
  • We'll contact you and your tech team to set up a game plan, based on your setup and preferences
  • We'll set you up with an API Key and send you a pricing file (so you can set prices for your new products)
  • We'll work with your tech team to ensure that the integration is set up and working properly
  • You're good to go!

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